iPhone Apps

Our iPhone Apps (Droid & iPad apps coming soon!) help you connect to your media while on the go. Because each app syncs as a part of your media platform, it is automatically updated with any new media that's placed in your media library. Features such as note-taking and quicklinks also allow your users to take notes and/or connect to related links without having to whip out their laptop.

Since you have the Perpetua Media Platform, you have an iPhone App. The My Church App is available to all those who have the media platform. A custom App is also available for an additional monthly fee. For information on custom app, click here

To learn how to access your app and set or change your app's settings, select from the menu to the left. 

Access the App

To access your app visit the iPhone App store and download the app to your iPhone.

Those using the My Church App will simply need to enter the church or ministry web domain name (i.e. www.mychurchwebsite.com) to access their church's media.

To change the default background image on your app home screen...

To set up the quicklinks for your app...