Media Player - Customize Your Viewing Experience

Our crisp, clean and customizable layout creates a media player like no other. Create, swap, and customize individual widgets all tailored to make your media shine.


The Media Player features video, audio, podcasts, images, a full multi-version Bible, notes, Facebook feed, and much more. Our feature lineup has everything you'll need to enhance your viewing or listening experience. Choose from an widgets like:

• Bible
• Contact Form
• Facebook Comments
• Notes
• Content Box
• Quicklinks
• Scripture References
• Sermon Outline
• Upcoming Events
• and more!





    We Integrate With:


    Media Dashboard - Manage All of Your Media with Ease

    Our smart media dashboard enables you to manage and share content easily. With the click of a mouse you can customize your media player and media browser; upload audio and video files; and organize your media by series, channel, and media type. Managing your media has never been so easy!

    Media Browsers - Show off Your Media

    Display, share, and connect with your audience through the Media Browsers. These beautifully designed and user-friendly Media Browsers can be added to any page of your website with ease. Choose a specific channel or series, or share all of your media - the Media Browser does the rest. Simply choose your style and start sharing.




    iPhone Apps - Your Media Everywhere

    Want an iPhone app? We've got you covered! With our Media Player iPhone apps, your media is accessible anywhere. From placement in the App store to customizable imagery, each of our iPhone apps has something unique to offer. 

    MyChurch+ Custom
      Placement in the App Store
      Customizable background images
      Sharp, clear display and menu
      Links & updates directly from your Media Platform Dashboard
      Custom App Icon
      Option to charge in App Store
      Church members do not search for your church within the App
      Dedicated App and description in App Store

    PRICING - To fit Your budget

    The Perpetua Media Platform has been exclusively Pre-Launched to all Perpetua CMS users!
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    The Perpetua Media Platform offers all the features you want at a price you can afford and is available to anyone who subscribes to the Perpetua Content Management System. Select the pricing option below that works best for you, or sign up to be notified when the Perpetua Media Platform is available to users of alternate Content Manangement Systems.

    Media Player
    - Easy To Set Up And Use
    - Full-Screen Video
    - Set Up Tutorial
    - Introductory Webinar
    - Built-in Support
    - Video and Audio Playback
    - Support for Live Streaming 
    - Support for YouTube And Vimeo 
    Custom Media Player Widgets:
    - Full multi-version Bible
    - Contact Form
    - Quicklinks
    - Notes
    - Sermon Outlines
    - Scripture Reference
    Media Dashboard
    - Create Your Own Channels And Series
    - Upload Mutliple Files At The Same Time
    - Viewing Statistics
    Media Browsers
    - Customizable "Home Base"
    - Multiple Layouts
    - Built-in Support
    iPhone App
    - On-The-Go Access 
    - Quick Links
    - Notes
    - Access To All Media Files
    - Customizable Version Available for an
      Additional $120/Month
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - "Share This"
    - Embed Links Anywhere On Your Site
    - Podcasting
    - Twitter
    - Facebook
    - YouTube
    - Vimeo
    - YouVersion
    - Next Wave Radio Network
    - RTMP Live Streaming


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What types of files are supported in the Perpetua Media Platform?
    A: The Perpetua Media Platform is compatible with .mp3 audio files and .mov, .flv, .mp4, and .m4v video files.

    Q: Can the Perpetua Media Platform integrate into my current podcast?
    A: The Perpetua Media Platform creates a brand new RSS feed for your church that works in the iTunes Music Store.

    Q: Will the Perpetua Media Platform work on mobile devices?
    A: The Perpetua Media Platform was built with mobile devices in mind and features an iPhone app (Android coming 2013) for on-the-go access to all of your church's latest audio and video.

    Q: What distinguishes the Perpetua Media Platform from other media players?
    A: Unlike other stand-alone media players, the Perpetua Media Platform is the whole package, allowing you to upload, manage, launch and mobilize your media all in one place. And it is designed specifically with churches in mind. Every feature has been carefully crafted to further your church's media ministry. Since each church is different, your Perpetua Media Platform can also be customized with various widgets and features to fit your specific needs.

    Q: How much file space is available?
    A: The main way we measure your utilization of the Perpetua Media Platform is via views. Please see Pricing for different volume options. For each package there is an upper limit of file space of 2 TB.

    Q: Can my videos be viewed in full screen?
    A: Yes. Your visitors can view media distraction-free by selecting the full screen option in the video overlay toolbar.

    Q: Is there support available if I have questions?
    A: Yes. A support sytem is integrated within the Perpetua Media Platform administration. If your question is not answered there, our support team is available by email at

    Q: Will the Perpetua Media Platform integrate with my CMS?
    A: The Perpetua Media Platform is exclusively available to Perpetua CMS users until the end of December 2012. Click here to find out more about Perpetua CMS, or sign up to be notified the minute it goes public!